Parents Against Childrens Services

                                       ( PACS )

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I have been trying to keep the site open but due to the continuing costs to run and upkeep the domain and domain name I am fearful it will have to close in June 2015.

Many people have utilised this site to good effect and with a good outcome, I will continue to do all I can to keep the site up and running.

A suggestion was made to me to add a donation button to allow  people to donate whatever they could spare to enable the site to continue.

I was loathe to do this as wanted this to be a free service, however, since the death of my husband and the loss of his income I am struggling financially so felt this would be a final attempt to save the site.

No matter how much you can afford to donate (pennies or £££s) I, and the members of this site, will be truly grateful for any help you can give.

Kindest regards

Carla Monsoon x

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