Parents Against Childrens Services

                                       ( PACS )

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                                              Useful Information

If you are currently dealing with childrens services and social workers and are having difficulties keep these notes handy!

  •  Make clear concise notes include the name of the person, the date and the reason for their visit or phonecall
  •  Try and ensure you have someone with you when they visit or telephone and ask them to make notes of what is said
  •  Remain calm, it will stop them accusing you of being aggressive and will keep your head clear to enable you to get your point across
  •  Keep all your notes in a box file so they are to hand when you need to refer to them
  •  If you have a solicitor, don't be afraid to tell the social worker that you will show your solicitor any forms before you will sign them, they cannot force you to sign a blank or incomplete form as its like signing a blank cheque!
  •  If your child is accomodated under section 20 you still have Parental Responsibility (PR) and childrens services, social workers and foster carers will need your permission/consent for anything that they wish to do with your child eg Haircuts, outings, holidays etc
  •  Do your own research and the guidance is all out in the public domain for you: the childrens act, care orders, section 47, section 20, looked after child (LAC), accomodated child-Do a Google search all the information is there!
  • Utilise sites such as justice for families, family rights group, fassit etc the links for these sites is on the Useful Website Links page of this site
  •  You are not alone lots of families are going through this as we have read on various sites!
  •  Contact us if we can help we will or we can at least guide you to someone who can
  • Utilise our forums, generate discussions, ask questions, there are many parents out there who are going through what you are facing
  • Good Luck and Keep Smiling, They will not win!

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